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To successfully complete your apprenticeship, 你需要通过考试, 优点, and/or distinction in the End Point Assessment (EPA), during which your competence of the KSBs, as set out in the apprenticeship standard, 评估. The EPA plan is a document which was created by the trailblazer group which sets out the requirements, assessment methods and grading criteria for the EPA. All current apprenticeship standards and assessment plans can be found on the 学徒协会网站.


作为解释, your degree apprenticeship combines academic and vocational learning, which together provide a basis from which you can develop, refine and apply the KSBs learnt as part of your apprenticeship.


As you can see in the infographic below, 你的学位学徒期是从课程中获得知识和技能,并将所学知识应用到工作场所的持续过程. 你将被期望反思并记录这些经历,这将使你理解并记录你已经满足了哪些能力(KSBs). 你还需要记录你的工作以外的活动和定期的进度评估,这些评估应该由你公司的某个人进行, 通常是你的部门经理. 克兰菲尔德 refer to this person as your reviewer. Supporting and underpinning these activities is your portfolio.

By the end of the on-programme phase of your apprenticeship, 你将拿出一组证据,展示你如何在真实的工作环境中应用新学到的KSBs,以实现真实的工作目标. 在终点评估(EPA)期间,该作品集将成为与独立评估员进行专业讨论的基础。.

The EPA plan for the Senior Leader Level 7 standard can be found below, as an example.




在英国,7级学徒必须提供英语和数学成绩证明,证明其达到了2级或以上的认可资格. 学徒 are also required to evidence their current woking level, this is achieved through an online maths and English assessment during the application process. 这是教育和技能资助机构(ESFA)对英国所有3级或以上学徒的法定要求.

This is not an entry requirement to the apprenticeship, 然而, 没有2级英语和数学资格的学徒需要在参加终点评估(EPA)之前达到这一水平。. 克兰菲尔德 will support apprentices to achieve this.

You can see the list of acceptable qualifications and equivalents by visiting the 英国政府网站 并打开题为“学徒标准:2级及以上学徒标准中可接受的当前和以前的英语和数学要求资格清单”的文件。. 请确保您选择了“3级学徒”选项卡,以获得正确的可接受资格列表. 如果你的资历没有列出来, unfortunately it will not be accepted by the EPA organisation at gateway.

Answers to some frequently asked questions can be found below or, 如需进一步资料, 请 联系学徒办公室 .


English and maths are accepted at a higher level – 例如, 学位或高级水平考试——前提是资格证书的标题中有“英语”和/或“数学”, and/or maths is the predominant element of the qualification (for maths). Other higher qualifications which do not meet this requirement will not be accepted, 例如, 工程硕士等.

Don't have an English or maths qualification?

如果你目前没有2级英语和数学资格证书,你仍然可以参加学徒培训. The easiest way to meet this requirement if you do not already hold one of the accepted qualifications, or one of the qualifications at the necessary grade, is to sit a functional skills level 2 test in English and/or maths. We will support you in completing this whilst you undertake your apprenticeship.


如果你找不到你的证书,请联系你的学校和/或考试机构索要一份副本. 如果你不记得,你的学校应该向你提供他们使用哪个考试机构的信息. 请注意, if you cannot track down acceptable evidence, 你将被要求完成英语和/或数学资格证书(功能性技能),以便能够提供证明.


如果你在海外学习, ESFA have deemed that your qualifications will be acceptable where there is clear evidence, 从里, via a certificate/statement of comparability, that the qualification is an equivalent level to the minimum requirements for English and maths; the comparability statement must include information that confirms the qualification is an equivalent of GCSE English and/or maths (A* to C).

NARIC is the UK’s national agency responsible for providing information and opinion on academic, vocational and professional qualifications from across the world. ESFA指示,实现可比性报表的可接受途径仅是通过NARIC. NARIC只提供你的资格的比较,不能评论他们是否被认为是可以接受的学徒要求. 请浏览 里的网站 以获取进一步信息,并要求提供证明英语和数学资格等同于GCSE英语和/或数学的证书/可比性声明(a *至C). Please note that the ESFA have stipulated that for overseas English qualifications to be accepted, 英语应该是第一语言.


Acceptable evidence is a full certificate or e-certificate, a statement of results issued by an awarding organisation, a screenshot of the awarding organisation’s system showing the qualification has been achieved/awarded, or a copy of the personal learner record. You can see the list of acceptable qualifications and equivalents by visiting the 英国政府网站 并打开题为“学徒标准:2级及以上学徒标准中可接受的当前和以前的英语和数学要求资格清单”的文件。. 请确保您选择了“3级学徒”选项卡,以获得正确的可接受资格列表. 如果你的资历没有列出来, unfortunately it will not be accepted by the EPA organisation at gateway.


You will be asked to provide evidence at the Initial Assessment stage. If you are not able to locate evidence at this time, you can submit 文档 at a later stage to